Due to the current situation and emergency measures taken in order to control the COVID-19 disease, regular Pyvo meetups are canceled until further notice. Please follow the city pages to get information about possible dates or online events.

Pražské Pyvo

Prague Pyvo is traditionally held on the third Wednesday of each month.

We meet in the private club Na Věnečku. There is no sign indicating a restaurant. You can meet the organizers at 18:30 in fromt of the Equa Bank (formerly iStyle shop) at Anděl (map) and go to the meetup together.

For self-sufficient people and late-comers: Follow the Ostrovského street all the way up, about 50 m past the "no cars" sign. The meetup is through a gate to your right.

Future dates

Prague Pyvo is usually held on the third Wednesday of each month.
That means the following days are likely – but some might be rescheduled, for example to avoid holidays.

Meetup History