The measures enacted with regards to the COVID-19 may still affect the Pyvo meetups or the conditions under which they are being held. Please follow the city pages to get the information and contact your local organizing team in case of any questions.

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Pražské Pyvo #141

The meetup took place on Wednesday the 15th of February, 2023 at 19:00.
Na Věnečku, Ostrovského 38a, Praha 5, Czech Republic, 15000 → map (

Pyvo bude i v únoru! Sraz je v 19 hodin Na Věnečku, přednášky začínají v 19.30. Čekají nás 3 přednášky, lightning talky a volná zábava až do rána. Lightning talk můžeš mít i ty! Registrace nutná na Lightning Talk –

P.S. Nezapomeň s sebou vzít hotovost - neberou karty.

We organize Pyvo in February as well! We meet up at 19 at the club Na Věnečku, presentations start at 19.30. You can look forward to 3 presentations, lightning talks and chit-chat until early morning. You can have a lightning talk as well - please register at Lightning Talk –

P.S. Take cash with yourself - they don't accept cards.


The Bridge Between Sync and Async World

  • Václav Košař

Asyncio, a Python builtin library, provides advantages in heavy IO-bound use cases, but on the other hand, spreads complexity across the synchronous code base like weeds. This talk will give you a quick overview of the AsyncIO library and will demonstrate a utility class AsyncioThreadLoop that can isolate the async method calls from your synchronous code.

5 essentials to pack on your career climb

  • Šárka Kousalová

What are the five things to have always prepared to pass your interview successfully.

Why is lunch break a NP-complete problem

  • Jan Urban

Join me for a thought-provoking discussion on the topic of lunch breaks and the challenges they pose in the workplace. This presentation will delve into the transformation of a simple problem written in law into an NP-complete problem, and explore the difficulties and trade-offs involved in finding a solution.


Na Věnečku, Ostrovského 38a, Praha 5, Czech Republic, 15000

Jedná se o soukromý klub, takže nikde není žádná cedule. Když Ostrovského ulice přejde v chodník se zábradlím po obou stranách, jděte 60 metrů do kopce. První brána po pravé straně je vchod do dvora. Ujděte ještě 40 metrů a vchod do klubu najdete vlevo.

It’s a private club with no public signs. After Ostrovského street becomes a footpath walk 60 meters uphill. Club is in the first gate to the right. Go 40 more meters and entrance to the club will be to your left.

Na Věnečku @ Google Maps

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