The measures enacted with regards to the COVID-19 may still affect the Pyvo meetups or the conditions under which they are being held. Please follow the city pages to get the information and contact your local organizing team in case of any questions.

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Pražské PyVo #57

The meetup took place on Wednesday the 16th of December, 2015 at 19:00.
Na Věnečku, Ostrovského 38a, Praha 5, Czech Republic, 15000 → map (
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e-Nable: 3D print a helping hand

  • Miro Hrončok

e-Nable is a community project about open source 3D printed upper limb prosthetic donated to kids. Let's see how it works and how does the plastic hand look like.

Interfacing NFC smartcards in Python

  • Ondrej Mikle

We will show a daemon that wraps libnfc via swig. This daemon authenthicates user either via ISO14443A UID or Yubikey HMAC-SHA1 over NFC. The sample shows how the authenthication can be used to unlock door with WiringPi. Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) was the original target platform, but it can work on any platform that libnfc supports, including x86.


Na Věnečku, Ostrovského 38a, Praha 5, Czech Republic, 15000

Jedná se o soukromý klub. Takže nastražte oči a uši, nikde není žádná (např. pivní) cedule. Když se Ostrovského ulice změni na chodník, jděte cca 50m do kopce. Po pravé straně narazíte na poměrně velkou bránu do dvora.

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