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Brněnské Pyvo + BRUG – DevOps

The meetup took place on Thursday the 29th of January, 2015 at 19:00.
Koločava, Bayerova 10 → map (
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The Foreman and Katello for provisioning, configuration and content management

  • Ivan Nečas

The Foreman is a provisioning and configuration management tool, integrating various providers, both from provisioning (bare-metal, oVirt, VMWare, libvirt, EC2, OpenStack) and configuration management (Puppet, Chef, Salt) side. Besides other things, it''s plugable. Katello is a plugin, that brings content management into the play as well.

I would like to go through the concepts and features of this two projects that I happened to work on (with help of other team members that will also be there to support me hopefully :)

Ansible - get your hands dirty

  • Věroš K.

Quick introduction to Ansible.

service discovery pro docker cluster

  • Martin Stiborský

Dokku - docker pro lenochy

SaltStack vs. Ansible

  • Jakub Vysoký

SaltStack @ Netsuite: Practical Exerience

  • Michel Samia


Koločava, Bayerova 10

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