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Brněnské Pyvo – Python Vulnerability Management

Sraz se konal ve čtvrtek 25. května 2023 v 19:00.
ArtBar Druhý Pád, Štefánikova 836/1 → mapa (mapy.cz)

Další Pyvo se blíží! Poslední čtvrtek v měsíci v ArtBaru, jako obvykle 🙂

May Pyvo is coming! Last Thursday of the month in ArtBar, as usual 🙂 The talk will be in English.


Python Vulnerability Management with CVSS

  • Tomáš Horáček

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the increasing number of reported vulnerabilities? Are you unclear about the severity of a vulnerability in your system? Look no further than the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). This standardized framework provides an objective method for scoring security vulnerabilities on a scale from 0 to 10, enabling you to prioritize resources and improve your system's security and resilience. Our talk will demonstrate how to utilize CVSS in Python projects, enabling you to efficiently prioritize efforts and set up automated vulnerability reports. Don't let vulnerabilities go unnoticed - utilize CVSS to enhance your software security today.

Tomas is a Python software developer at Kiwi.com where he works on integrating partner APIs to automate tens of thousands of flight bookings every day. Tomas has prior experience working with Java and Typescript and also has a keen interest in Rust. Tomas is dedicated to writing secure and easy to maintain code. In his free time, he volunteers with the Scouts and enjoys spending his summers at Scout camps, where he can share his knowledge and expertise with younger members.


ArtBar Druhý Pád, Štefánikova 836/1

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